Operation Safe Shopper: Ditmas Park

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Newkirk Plaza, Brooklyn

Tuesday, May 16th marked the successful launch of Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams’ anti-crime initiative “Operation Safe Shopper”. This initiative offered local BIDS, Merchants Associations and Nonprofits a grant of $2,500 each to purchase and install security cameras along their commercial corridors in order to prevent crime and create a safer shopping environment.

Working on behalf of the Flatbush Development Corporation (FDC), and partnering with the Newkirk Plaza Merchants Association (NAMA), Cortelyou Road Merchants Association (CoRMA), Councilman Mathieu Eugene, Community Board 14, and the NYPD 70th precinct we were able to acquire security cameras for the Newkirk Plaza and Cortelyou Road commercial corridors. Locations for these cameras were selected following a site survey by the 70th Precinct’s Crime Prevention department. As a means to increase the effectiveness of the initiative, participating merchants have agreed to make their camera footage accessible to the police when necessary.

Other recipients of the Operation Safe Shopper grant include the Church Avenue BID, Flatbush Avenue BID and the Brooklyn Heights Association.


Captain Megan O’Malley, 70th Precinct’s Executive Officer addressed the audience stating “Around here we mostly see property crime… Our violent crime is at a historic low, but we can always achieve more.” Operation Safe Shopper strives to achieve this goal, Vision Zero on crime.


Community Board 14 District Manager Shawn Campbell and myself celebrating the successful launch of Operation Safe Shopper


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