My Journey Through Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

We decided to visit the Dubai Mall and then the world famous Burj Khalifa. The Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the world and the Burj Khalifa is currently the largest building in the world, resting at 125 flights. I say currently because I learned that at this moment, people in Saudi Arabia are working on their own version of the Burj Khalifa with the intentions of creating the new tallest building in the world.

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A Reason to Travel


Cancun, Mexico

Welcome, and thank you for checking out my first of (hopefully) many travel blog posts. Let me begin by explaining why traveling is important to me. From a very young age, my family would encourage me to travel. Although being born and raised in Brooklyn comes with worldwide bragging rights, my family always stressed the importance of getting out of the city and exposing myself to the diverse cultures around the world.

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