New York Health Act Community Forum


Ditmas Park, Brooklyn

Kicking off the new year I had the privilege to speak during Pakistani American Youth Society‘s  New York Health Act community forum. I got to share my unique perspective as a small business owner and how I handle health insurance for my employees. It was a very in depth and informative discussion, and I learned many new things about our current healthcare system. The panel discussion was lead by Dr. Donald Moore M.D., M.P.H.. Dr. Moore is a community physician, trustee and past president of the Medical Society of the County of Kings, and a board member of the NY Metro Chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program.  After learning more I can say that I support the New York Health Care Act and encourage more people to learn about it and engage with their peers and local legislators. Health care is not only a quality of life issue, it’s also a moral obligation.

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Flatbush Fest: June 9th – 11th

What is Flatbush Fest?

Created by Heidi Woo and Daniella Khan, Flatbush Fest is a 3-day festival in Flatbush, Brooklyn designed to bring together the diverse residents and businesses of Flatbush. The festival will combine local food and craft vendors, collaborative art, games, entertainment for kids, live music and more.

The goal of Flatbush Fest is to increase connectedness and community among residents in the Flatbush and neighboring areas. It is an opportunity for neighbors to gather, meet, and celebrate the unique characteristics of this historic Brooklyn neighborhood. Heidi and Daniella want Flatbush Fest to serve as a catalyst to connect people to each other as well as the great programs that exist in the community.

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Operation Safe Shopper: Ditmas Park

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Newkirk Plaza, Brooklyn

Tuesday, May 16th marked the successful launch of Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams’ anti-crime initiative “Operation Safe Shopper”. This initiative offered local BIDS, Merchants Associations and Nonprofits a grant of $2,500 each to purchase and install security cameras along their commercial corridors in order to prevent crime and create a safer shopping environment.

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Dine In Brooklyn 2017 – Restaurant Week


Borough Hall, Brooklyn

This past February I partnered with a new digital marketing agency in Brooklyn, Oscar Diggs Digital, to head up the content strategy for the social media marketing campaigns around “Dine in Brooklyn,” the borough-wide Brooklyn restaurant week being presented by Visa, in partnership with Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams’ office, the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, the NYC Hospitality Alliance and Yelp. The Dine in Brooklyn initiative encompasses a huge program created in support of Brooklyn’s economic development, small business enterprises and tourism.

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