New York Health Act Community Forum


Ditmas Park, Brooklyn

Kicking off the new year I had the privilege to speak during Pakistani American Youth Society‘s  New York Health Act community forum. I got to share my unique perspective as a small business owner and how I handle health insurance for my employees. It was a very in depth and informative discussion, and I learned many new things about our current healthcare system. The panel discussion was lead by Dr. Donald Moore M.D., M.P.H.. Dr. Moore is a community physician, trustee and past president of the Medical Society of the County of Kings, and a board member of the NY Metro Chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program.  After learning more I can say that I support the New York Health Care Act and encourage more people to learn about it and engage with their peers and local legislators. Health care is not only a quality of life issue, it’s also a moral obligation.

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